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Unofficial Airport Rant -DK

Hi everyone!Happy Fall! It’s that time of the year when the pumpkin spice lattes are back and the holiday cheers are around the corner! 🎃 Fall for us LPGA golfers means it’s time for the “Asia Swing.” We have an eight-week stretch of tournaments including six weeks in Asia, one week in Mexico and finishing off… Continue reading Unofficial Airport Rant -DK

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Hello France- The Evian Championship

  Even after coming back to Evian for over 10 years, my jaw still drops every time I come here. The views of Lake Geneva are so incredibly beautiful and I find myself getting lost in the scenery even during the tournament. Golf takes us to many incredible places, but Evian might be one of the… Continue reading Hello France- The Evian Championship

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“You Can Be On Your Phone” Stretches (Legs) -DK

Stretching is an important key to a healthy life whether you are an athlete or not, but knowing versus doing is the fine line. Nowadays everyone is so busy that we forget or are too tired to set aside a moment to just stretch. Even I get lazy sometimes and it’s part of my job… Continue reading “You Can Be On Your Phone” Stretches (Legs) -DK