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Lemonade London (II) written by Danielle Kang

There are so many places to eat in London. Make sure to narrow down where you’d like to eat for dinner to your best two options and go to both! You can have early dinner and a late dinner! Michelle and I are big foodies, meaning we love to eat. There’s an awesome restaurant called Shoryu Ramen located near Chinatown and it is one of the most authentic Japanese ramen I have ever had! They also have gluten free options to those who are allergic to everything, like you-know-who shall not be named (wink wink). Click on the Shoryu link to see more of their menu and where its exact locations are!

Shoryu Ganso Tonkotsu

Portobello Market is located near Notting Hill. It’s one of the most popular markets to visit in London for their fun atmosphere,antique shops, vintage clothing and of course the fresh farmers’ market. Portobello Market did have variety of international food on street stands but for that specifically, I personally would rather go to Borough Market. Borough Market is located right across the street from London Bridge Train Station and is known to be one of the oldest food markets in London. I accidently walked into it and I didn’t leave for at least two hours. It was like one of those Las Vegas Casinos, you don’t know how long the time has passed because of the blackjack tables, but in this case the blackjack tables were food stands. They had so many varieties of food from all over the world and also had homemade cheese, toffees and drinks it was amazing. Café Brood had freshly made Paellas, and I also tried a “Whisky Ginger Burger” from Whiskey Ginger. Hands down one of the best burgers I’ve ever had.

Catalan Stew with Paella from Café Brood

Portobello Market
Portobello Market

I visited a friend in Sloane Square and we checked out this restaurant called Comptoir Libanais. This was the first time I ever had Lebanese food and it definitely won’t be my last. Quick tip, don’t order just water because Comptoir Libanais serves the most amazing juice, and I know that sounds odd but they really do. For the hummus lovers, I highly advise you to get the Dip Platter as a sharing plate. My main plate was called “Lamb Kibbeh” and its description was; minced lamb wheat parcel with pine nuts and onion served with mint yogurt. It looked as weird as it sounds (pictured below) but It was absolutely exquisite.

Lamb Kibbeh from Comptoir Libanais

Lamb Kibbeh from Comptoir Libanais
I found out Comptoir Libanais was located in many different places (click on the link to see all the locations). If you’re ever around them, I highly suggest you go and dine there because I would eat there every night if I could!

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