#SneakerHeadTuesday: FLyknit Everywhere…and I Love it! Written by: Michelle Wie


Seems like at every chance they get, Nike is reinventing each of their shoe designs with a new Flyknit cover. I first experienced my first Flyknit shoe earlier this year when I was gifted a pair of Flyknit Air Force 1’s. To anyone that has seen my shoe collection, they would know that I have a small obsession with AF1’s. I have a variety ranging from low top, mid top, to high top and they are all amazing, but they all have one teeny problem with them. They are just a littttle bit too heavy! Two years ago, they went ahead to fix this problem by introducing a Lunar bottom to these shoes, but when I was told these AF1’s now had a FlyKnit top to them, I just had to try them out.


When my Nike Lady (She’s awesome…she hooks me up with the newest and greatest) handed me the pair of the new FlyKnit AF1’s, I was so shocked at how light the shoe was. I mean, it was a completely different shoe and I was in love IMMEDIATELY! Another thing that I noticed that were different with these shoes were how soft and cushion-ey the bottoms were. The original AF1’s were comfortable, but they never were a shoe that you could wear all day. These on the other hand, felt like marshmallows to my little toes-ies. You can get these Flyknit AF1 low shoes here and the fun part is that there are so many cute colors to choose from.


After that, I started noticing FlyKnit getting introduced to other shoes and I just had to try them all! My favorite installment so far has to be the new Flyknit Airmax shoes. They have a lower profile than the original Airmaxes, but they still pack the same style. They came out with 2 color schemes, lime green and white/red and obviously I went with the white/red combo (Stanford represent!). These didn’t have the same soft bottoms as the Flyknit AF1’s, but they still were super comfy. Click here to shop this collection. 

20160821-298893288 (1)

I also had a chance to try out the Nike LunarEpic Flyknit shoes and I won’t lie….I was a little skeptic when I saw the design online. I wasn’t sure how the high top sock design was going to feel and whether or not it was going to be a pain to get on and off. But on the other hand, I was keen to try it out because of all my ankle issues that I have been dealing with. I thought to myself, “Oh maybe the compression of the sock lining with help with my ankle stability and swelling.” And when I tried these bad boys on, I was right!! They felt amazing to work out in and I feel like these are the only shoes I am able to run in. The compression on my ankle feels great and it wasn’t hard to get on and off, like I had originally had feared. Because this shoe didn’t have a tongue, I found that to be a positive…the shoe felt seamless and felt like a compression sock.


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