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What To Eat During The Round -MW


What you eat during the round is really crucial and it is something that I take very seriously. I am a creature of habit and I eat pretty much the same thing on the same hole every round. Years ago, I found a routine that helped me keep my energy level up during the round and I tweak it a little bit depending on how I feel, but for years, I have eaten the same thing.

My philosophy on what to eat during the round is pretty simple…I nibble throughout the round and I never eat a huge amount at one point. The reason why I graze rather than chow down during the round is because when I am nervous/moving around a lot, the last thing I want is indigestion. I know this sounds ridiculous, but when you add butterflies in your stomach to constant movement, indigestion is SUPER easy to come around. And adding in a weak digestive system to the mix doesn’t help. So that being said, I would stay away from those hot dogs at the turn and switch those out for these options instead.


During the round, I eat on the 2nd hole, 7th hole, 11th hole, and the 16th hole. I know this sounds like a lot, but I am only eating a couple bites out of my energy bar eat time. You want your blood sugar to stay at the same level, so eating a couple of bites every few holes does the trick. The energy bar that I eat every round is the “Birdie Balls” by Revel Kitchen. I love these bars because they are refined sugar free and paleo. Also, they hand make every Birdie Ball and ship them to me every tournament so that they are fresh (they don’t have any preservatives in them). To order these Birdie Balls, check out Revel Kitchen’s site here. Revel Kitchen and I even came up with a Hawaiian inspired Birdie Ball that is awesome. Check out the Wie ball for a Macadamia nut and coconut birdie ball.

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When you look at an energy bar, the first thing I look at is the ratio between sugar and protein. You never want to eat an energy bar that has way more sugar than protein. The ratio between sugar and protein should be close to 1:1 and I would stay away from refined sugar, but more on that later. Nut based protein is better than whey or soy protein because of the fat content. Fat release energy slower than carbs or protein, so the fat from nuts will help in maintaining long term stamina. Because golf is not a sport where you exert a high amount of energy for a short period of time, carbohydrates are not a high concern of mines.



Some other bars that I like are: Lara Bars, Amazing GrassWhole Food Energy Bars (Chocolate Chip Coconut is my fave), and these awesome Paleo bars from Caveman Foods.

On the days that I am feeling tired, I eat a whole banana at the turn for a jolt of sugar. Bananas are high in sugar, so after having a banana, I tend to perk up a bit. But if I am feeling realllllly tired, I bring out some candy with me and have it. Sometimes, you just need the sugar.

So here is the routine: I eat half of a Birdie Ball on hole 2, the other half on hole 7, a half banana at the turn, one half of another Birdie ball on hole 12, and the last half of the Birdie ball on hole 16. So in total, I have 2 Birdie balls and 1/2 banana during the round.


6 thoughts on “What To Eat During The Round -MW

  1. Like the post, but u need to closely edit your work..I saw several errors.on hole 16 u put in 7..Hang in there Michelle, better rounds ahead..x♥

  2. Really good info, even for a weekend golfer trying to eat healthier. Will try your schedule using LäraBars (I already know I like those) my next few rounds to see if it helps.
    Love the blog and the photos.

    Play well and be well.

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