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“You Can Be On Your Phone” Stretches (Legs) -DK

Stretching is an important key to a healthy life whether you are an athlete or not, but knowing versus doing is the fine line. Nowadays everyone is so busy that we forget or are too tired to set aside a moment to just stretch. Even I get lazy sometimes and it’s part of my job to stretch everyday! Since multitasking is a requirement to survive in this century, I’ve demonstrated 5 “You Can Be On Your Phone” stretches that will help avoid tiredness to your legs
so lets get to it!

  1. Calf Stretches
    There are two types of calf stretches that can be simply done on a curb or a step.

    -Type 1: Place the ball of your right foot on the curb and set your heel on the floor. Lock out your knee and use your left leg to control the intensity. I usually step up on the curb with my left leg and push forward without trying to have my right heel come off the ground. This stretches out the bigger muscle in your calf so you should feel a good pull. Hold the position for 10 seconds and switch legs. 3 sets.


    -Type 2:
     Now I do the same thing except I bend the locked out knee. You won’t feel as much of a pull as the Type 1 stretch but this is stretching the lower part of your calf towards your Achilles tendon. All those little muscles around your ankles that don’t get enough attention! Hold for 10 seconds and switch legs. 3 sets.IMG_0755-1

  2. Lunges
    Take a big step forward with your right leg and left leg stays back. Try to be in a position where you can lock out your knee on your back leg. My right leg is firmly planted with a bend while the back leg’s heel is able to come off the ground. Try not to lean forward or back with your body, keep a centered position and push your hips forward to change the pressure. You should feel the stretch in your left quad and in the hip flexor. Hold for 10 seconds and switch legs. I do these wherever and whenever but I noticed lately I tend to do it when I’m talking to people! Like I said before it just becomes a habit…


  3. Hip Flexor
    Tight hip flexors are one of the causes to lower back pains. I definitely have that irritating knot, achy feel, in my lower back and doing this hip flexor stretch lifted bits of discomfort overtime. From the right leg forward lunge position, set your back left knee to the floor. Keep a centered balance without leaning forward or back and proceed to tilt your pelvis upward. You should feel an achy stretch up your left quad and to where it attaches to the pelvis, that muscle is the hip flexor. To adjust pressure, use your hips to push forward. Hold for 30 seconds and switch legs. 2 sets. This is a very underrated stretch that can really help with lower back pains.


  4. Pigeon
    The pigeon stretch can loosen your hamstrings all the way to up your lower back. From the right leg forward hip flexor stretch, kneel down and have your whole back leg lay flat while the front leg bends across you on the floor. You should feel this stretch in your right hamstring and your gluteal muscles a.k.a. the butt. What I like to do is lean forward onto my elbows to give it a little extra stretch towards my lower right back and my glutes. Hold for 30seconds to a minute and switch legs. 2 sets.



  5. Legs on Wall
    Last but not least legs on wall stretch is one of my absolute favorites. As complicated as it sounds, just lay down with your legs up on the wall! Make sure not to lock the knees out and just relax the legs. This causes a good blood flow in your legs and finally giving a good rest to the hips, lower back, and the neck. I do this before I go to bed and it’s actually quite relaxing. I sometimes stay in this position for 15-20 minutes but it’s really your preference. 3-5 minutes should do the trick. Just relax and enjoy some “me time!”


Now you can check your email, text, and talk on the phone while doing this so no more excuses! Happy stretching everyone! <3

Danielle Kang

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